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A Simple Writing Model

 This model is common and probably one you’ve used or at least heard of before. But it bears repeating because it has stood the test of time and has been tried and tested since writers started writing.

Writing has three component parts

1 The beginning
2 The middle
3 The ending


The Beginning


This is also known as the exposition where you describe the starting point for your story characters.
The protagonist or main character is introduced and given form and life.

In this part of the unravelling something important happens.

This is the inciting incident.

The inciting incident changes everything for the protagonist. This is where the story really begins. The inciting incident is the genesis, the starting point of the story.


The Middle


In this section you introduce complications and rising action.

Things get more difficult for the protagonist, they get easier, more difficult and easier again in a roller coaster type of effect.

This carries on until we reach a climax where a peak of emotion is attained.


The Ending


After the climax you are ready to resolve the story, also known as the resolution.

This leads to a new status quo.

That is the nuts and bolts of the model but let’s put some context on it.

Imagine we’re talking about a love story.

The beginning or the exposition of a love story may be something like two people who are single who’ve never met before.

The inciting event is when they meet for the first time.

This may lead to love at first sight or they might hate each other to begin with. Whichever way the dice falls it leads to complications and to more things happening between them.

We get rising action as the stakes get higher and higher through the story as they start to like or hate each other more and more.

And the resolution of a love story the two of them get together and make some sort of life out of it all.

So the new status quo is their new relationship.


Principles of the Model


Firstly, at the beginning of a story, set everything up and make sure that the reader knows what’s going on.

And then introduce conflict of some kind, and a sense of things getting more complicated leading up to a climax.

Finally, invest in a solution that’s going to be satisfying for the reader.

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