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Don’t Let Lack Of Spreadsheet Skills Hold You Back


In this post we are going to explore reasons it’s important you improve your spreadsheet skills or indeed why you should have them at all in the first place.

Over 80% of job openings in the modern jobs marketplace require both spreadsheet and word processing software skills. But for many people, spreadsheets still have an intimidating aura about them.

Don’t Let Lack Of Spreadsheet Skills Hold You Back

It is however clear techno-phobia and the fear of spreadsheets is no longer a tenable position for a job seeker in the modern world. In today’s jobs market place many sectors will be off limits to people without the appropriate skills including spreadsheets.

In this post we will look at important reasons why you need to have good spreadsheet skills and how you can acquire them at Nairobi business courses.

1) Versatile Software

Spreadsheets including the de facto standard for the class of software known as Excel are extremely versatile piece of software. For instance they :

a) Allow you to organize your data in an easily navigable way so you can identify important data out of a mass of numbers and other quantifiable data

b) It allows you to do both basic and complex mathematical functions accurately and quickly without errors once the functions are correctly formatted, so you don’t have to keep repeating the functions over and over again, as the data changes.

c) It allows you to turn data into helpful graphics and charts which are more easily understood by yourself and other people when discussing data and deriving decisions based on that data

d) It allows you to analyse data and make forecasting predictions so you can look into the future with a degree of confidence that past data will give you guidance as to what might happen based on the numbers.

e) Perform financial simulations to predict future outcomes by doing what are known as “what if” analysis. This is a very important number crunching task for people in research as well as business sales and marketing teams.

Spreadsheets are therefore about problem solving.

2) Time Management and Productivity Increases

Spreadsheets help you get a lot of work done in a very short period of time. Once the mathematical functionality has been programmed or built into your spreadsheet, it will recalculate whatever the function does repeatedly, as the data changes, without any additional work from yourself. Therefore, you only input the functions and build the spreadsheet once and thereafter It performs instant updates based on changing situations and data sources.

This auto processing for repeating tasks of data analysis on a daily, weekly or monthly basis saves you a great deal of time for both your job and your personal life. It is also guaranteed to be more accurate than trying to do theses tasks repeatedly by hand especially where the functions required are complex and difficult.

Excel can boost productivity tenfold in a business if you know how to quickly create a decent spreadsheet. Then, you are a key asset to that business as you have very useful skills. Productivity is boosted by knowing and using things like keyboard shortcuts to speed up your use of Excel, and then using features such as copy/paste, dragging formulas across columns and rows they will re-adjust themselves to their new cell references. Large amounts of data can be quickly manipulated in Excel by filtering, sorting, doing calculations, what if analysis, charting data as a pie chart or line charts with trendlines.
Conditional formatting can add a splash of colour such as red, amber and green traffic light controls. Source

3) Improve Job Prospects and Salary

Learning and understanding spreadsheets will ultimately be a driver towards increasing your salary if you are an in employment.

Your job prospects improve because of spreadsheets skills and you can easily transfer the skills or transition from one career to another. Spreadsheets are what is known as a universal computer program. You now have options.

People in middle skilled jobs, who understand a spreadsheet program are said to earn at least 60,000 shillings more per month than those who do not have the same skills. This is clearly a considerable hike in pay and salary, for the advantage of knowing how to use a spreadsheet.

4) Varied Choice Of Careers

Spreadsheets makes you better at your job no matter what that job is. Spreadsheets are not just for bankers and accountants.

All the following career types require some form of spreadsheet skills in the modern jobs market. Business owners, administrative Assistants, accountants, bankers, office managers, financial and business analysts, project managers, club treasurers, sales and marketing teams, engineers, architects, lawyers and others far too many to list here

Regardless of the type of work that you do, there is some way in which a spreadsheet will help you do your job better and faster which in turn opens up the ability to work in a varied number of jobs.

If you use data of any nature at all in your business, you can organize the data better. You can use graphics that allows you to communicate your ideas better. You can also use the database aspects of the spreadsheet to map out your ideas for future activity rather than using odd bits of paper strewn all over your desk or office.

Collaborations with colleagues to build data repositories is also an added advantage of understanding how to use spreadsheets.

These are just some of the reasons why you should acquire or update your spreadsheets skills. At Nairobi Business Courses you can gain these skills on our spreadsheets course at a pace that suits your current daily schedule. Visit our website to see the course outlines and current fee structure today.

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