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Who Are Nairobi Business Courses ?

Nairobi Business Courses is a one to one trainer for personal and business skills, aimed at providing courses for growth for Kenyans and people based in Nairobi.

The simple idea behind Nairobi Business Courses is learning and self improvement never end. Getting better never stops and there is always something new to learn.

The more you learn, the more you open new doors and understand there is much more out there that you want to know about. Nairobi business courses are designed to offer skills so you keep growing personally and professionally.

Courses Offered

Currently we offer eight different courses. These are creative writing, spreadsheets, web design, digital marketing, podcasts, drop shipping, home videos and making custom hand made plaque gifts.

In each and every one of these courses we aim to give learners practical and working skills which allow the learner on completion to use them functionally either in employment or for starting up self employment opportunities. The new skills are also a gateway to hobbies a learner can develop further if they so desire.

Nairobi Business Courses is all about self discovery and growing oneself.

Course Durations

Each of the courses comes with options in terms of the duration. We offer a short and a long form course duration for each.

The shorter duration for each course is more intensive and is best suited to people who are touching up on skills they may have used in the past and want to revive or refresh.

The longer duration delivers material at a slower pace allowing the learner to explore ideas at their leisure and experiment more. This duration is best for complete beginners in the topic who want to understand the basics from the ground up and develop their skills incrementally.

The duration and content for each of these courses is detailed on the relevant course page at

Course Fees

All our courses are priced to give value to the learner and also come with options.

Payment of fees in full before the start of the course attracts a significant discount on the standard rate. However, we also recognize fees can be an obstacle for some learners. We therefore also offer payment in installments with a proportion of the individual fee due before commencing the course and the balance half way through the course.

The prices for each of these courses is detailed on the relevant course page at

Flexible Learning Options

We welcome learners of all backgrounds and academic capability. For each of the courses, we are flexible in terms of the ages of the learner.

Our courses are one-on-one and therefore there is no generic enrollment date. Each learner can start their chosen skills course when they want.

It is important to note in relation to flexible learning options because we are predominantly a one-on-one trainer, depending on your individual requirements, we can tailor each of the courses and customize it to suit your special needs. We are able to extend or reduce course durations and accommodate fee payment options.

This is a level of course customization and flexibility that is difficult to find anywhere else in Nairobi.

All we expect you to bring to the program of your choice is a willingness and a serious desire to learn. Some of the courses such as plaque making have requirements for course materials which are additional to the basic fee structure and which learners will have to purchase either through us or at their own choice of supplier.

We can assist with this requirement and we will always let you know what those materials are before you commence the course.

Academy Location

Nairobi Business Courses is located in the quiet and learning conducive environment of Ridgeways Nairobi.

The academy is a small, pleasant environment where lessons are held by our tutors and learners in the gardens, rooftop lounge or when the weather is inclement indoors in a studio.

In line with our commitment to flexible learning we are also able to visit learners in their place of choice although this attracts a small surcharge to cover travel and time costs.

Nairobi Business Courses are not formally certificated because they are not academic courses. We offer skills for personal and professional growth which is measured by ability to perform, achievements and importantly course work.

Your credibility is derived from your new personal skills and your ability to perform the skills competently for yourself.

We are offering you new or updated skills that you can use in your personal business, in your hobby, and to advance your personal career If you are already employed and using these skills in your current job.

Corporate and Group Learning

We also offer the option to provide the courses for corporates and groups of learners although we restrict the size to a maximum of 10.

Some of our courses, such as digital marketing are well suited to group learning because of the ability learners have to bounce ideas of one another and the tutor as they develop process and engage with the materials.

For groups we are able to come to the group location to deliver the material on a schedule to be agreed at enrollment time with the group coordinator.

Fees and durations for groups are also separately negotiated with the coordinator To discuss this and any other matters raised in this post write to us via email on or visit where you can contact us on methods listed on the contact page.

Nairobi Business Courses is a one on one trainer for professional and personal business skills in Nairobi, Kenya.

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