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What Can Nairobi Business Courses Do For You ?

Nairobi Business Courses is a one to one tutoring college for personal and business skills based in Nairobi, Kenya. Our purpose is to serve people in Kenya by delivering high quality, personal and professional courses that keep people learning and active.

Our current subject offers consist of the following subjects :

Creative Writing
Drop Shipping (eCommerce)
Digital Marketing
Home Video Production for online platforms such as Tik Tok and YouTube
Web Design
Customized Wooden Gift Making (Plaques)

With skills in one or more of these subject areas you can easily improve your employment prospects be that as an employee or as a self employed entrepreneur.

In this post, we take a look at why you should enroll at Nairobi Business Courses for one or more of these subject topics.

1) Continuous Learning and Self Development

Learning of all types is a lifelong endeavor. Acquiring new skills and continuously learning new knowledge for personal growth and self improvement is the hallmark of an inquisitive and vibrant intellect.

The desire to keep learning and expanding your horizons not only expands your universe but it also keeps your mind active and healthy. It is very important to most people that they remain alert, healthy in mind and active in thoughts as they age and journey through life.

Nairobi Business Courses was established by our principal Kangethe Mbugua for precisely this reason.

He saw the opportunity to teach people skills with which they could expand their knowledge base and as they do so expand raise their employability as well as acquire skills with which they can become independent self employed entrepreneurs.

Our past students have gone on to explore the subjects of their study choice by reading further and exploring new avenues. Each new line of enquiry has brought with it new opportunity to learn more and become immersed ever more deeply in the subject matter.

Finally, ongoing learning and knowledge are critical aspects of healthy self esteem and high self worth which are important components of a confident person. Confidence in turn breeds happiness and well being. This is what we call a virtuous circle.

Nairobi Business Courses is therefore best described as a door opener rather than an end in itself in the continuous learning and self development of our alumni.

2) Tutoring Methodology

As stated previously Nairobi Business Courses is a one to one trainer. This is our specialty in terms of delivering new or updated skills to learners in Nairobi specifically and Kenya at large.

The methodology we use is somewhat unique in that we do not rely solely on what are known as “Chalk and Talk” methods of teaching. In fact we specifically require that our learners are prepared to do a lot of practical and real world research during the course duration to deeply embed and absorb the practical aspects of the subject matter.

We do not spoon feed our learners but rather we help you develop the ability to feed yourself by identifying the key concepts and then showing you how to apply them by practicals in different contexts rather than by regurgitating.

This is a key differentiator between us and other colleges in Nairobi and one which past alumni often say was a critical and important ingredient in the high quality of study outcomes they received at Nairobi Business Courses.

Independence of thought and an ability to find and research material for yourself will enhance your learning outcomes far above and beyond what is possible with traditional teaching methods. By learning in this way, you are more likely to keep advancing even after your course is completed.

Your ability as a self driven, independent learner will cross over into other areas of your life as well. Critical analysis will become a feature of how you assess information and events in other parts of your life.

These advanced teaching concepts and practices are available to you at Nairobi Business Courses.

3) Learning Conducive Environment

Learning is enhanced when it is conducted in a conducive environment. Our bespoke school is based in a quiet Nairobi suburb and offers a healthy and pleasant working environment where you can explore your subject matter in comfort and without noise or irritation.

Very often when the weather is suitable, we prefer to sit in our roof top lounge where we have a beautiful view of the neighborhood whilst sitting in the shade of trees atop a roof. This lounge is surrounded by gardens which are themselves green grass with hedges and flower beds that makes for a delightful and pleasant learning alternative to an indoors classroom.

However, when the weather is not conducive our bespoke studio is available for learning purposes. The studio is furthermore used in teaching practical skills for both podcasting and home video.

Our school has wi-fi connectivity which ensure all research materials online are accessible to our learners.

If you are in an environment where you feel comfortable, safe and secure, and where there is peace and beauty around you, your ability to learn and acquire new information and skills is enhanced several fold.

Being a one on one trainer we pride ourselves in being homely and we will offer you a cup of tea or coffee during your study session.

4) Flexibility Durations And Fee Structures

Nairobi Business Courses offers you great flexibility in both the courses and the fee structures.

Our courses do not have fixed start and end dates and are tailored to begin and end when it suits you. All courses have two different length of duration. The longer duration is best suited to learners who are completely new to the topic and subject material. In this longer length course they can take more time to explore the basics and fundamentals of the topic which become the bedrock on which they later build key knowledge.

The shorter duration courses are suited to learners who have some experience of the topic and want to brush up on it or perhaps update what they knew in the past and now want to make current again.

We are also able to make bespoke course duration to suit people with other time commitments such that our standard duration are not suitable for them. This is done on a case by case basis in consultation between the learner and the school.

Whilst we are a one on one teaching school, we do take group learners such as corporate teams for some of our courses such as Digital Marketing and eCommerce. The courses for groups are tailored and Customized to suit the group members and this is another way in which we provide you with a flexible learning environment.

Our course fees are just as flexible as are our course duration We offer both lump sum payment terms for a significant discount or we accept installment terms to help ease your budget.

These flexible course duration and fee payment terms at Nairobi Business Courses means no one ever need delay their learning and knowledge expansion.

5) After Study Support

Finishing your course at Nairobi business courses is not the end of our association with you.

We take an active interest in how our alumni put the learning skills they acquire to good practical use after completing the study course.

It is important that any new skill you acquire is embedded and ingrained into your life so it becomes a natural part of how you apply the new skills and grow them for your personal and professional use.

We offer practical assignments at the end of each course to help you create a portfolio of completed work that serves as a blueprint for successive projects you undertake. The first project you ever build after learning a new skill is always the most difficult and we will help you put that first one under your belt.

Each new project thereafter will be considerably easier as you will have acquired not just the skill and research ability but also practical experiences during the first project.

Signing up to learn new personal and professional skills at Nairobi Business Courses is clearly an adventure and we add the important dimensions covered in this post to your lifelong learning outcomes.

Visit for full course outlines and enroll on a course of your choice today.

Nairobi Business Courses is a one on one trainer for professional and personal business skills in Nairobi, Kenya.

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