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How to get new Podcast listeners

If you don’t hook people, in the first minute you’re lost. The first couple minutes are extremely crucial.

Think about surfing online. If something doesn’t catch your eye in the first three seconds you’re out of there

Consider saying something like, “this is what I’m going to do in this show. Here’s three things you’re going to learn.” Give people a flavour of the joy to come.

Learn how to maximise delight in your listeners.

People are really interested in, when we’re delighted when we’re laughing and when we’re having a good time. When there’s funny jokes.

So bring some of that happy stuff into the top and people will be more likely to stick around. Don’t do a fake intro. Nobody likes being faked out.

In organising your hook or intro there’s one key rule, you must follow. This is the power of the rule of threes. (Our Podcasting course tells you more about the rule of threes.)

As much as possible show your vulnerability.

If you’re going to expand your audience you can’t go on your reputation alone. If you want more people to listen you’ve got to show people this is a guy just like me. He makes mistakes and here’s the lessons.

Follow a structure with a beginning, middle and end of each story. That is the gold of narrative.

If you want to get into the hundreds of thousands of subscribers then create stories of finding challenges and overcoming them that is what human endevour is built on.

Make your podcasts shorter and probably the way you’re going to make these things shorter is by editing, which takes a long time, but you can just cut out large swathes of the podcast.

Cut it out as a good instinct, because if you think it’s boring, then its likely other people will think its boring. Don’t be afraid of just cutting sections out.

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