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Spreadsheets – Beginner & Advanced Levels

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The Countif Function dynamically counts items in a range of cells based on a test you define.

Enrol on the spreadsheets course and learn about this and other useful spreadsheet functions

Beginners and professionals in Kenyan business should prioritise learning how to use spreadsheets. 

From tracking customers, products, money and anything else that can be counted this is the key skill that keeps you informed and ahead.

Measuring and having accurate records of all business numbers is critical for success. 

This excel course teaches Kenya professionals and beginners how to make best use of spreadsheets to do common and complex business tasks quickly

What You Will Learn

Course Outline – Beginner Level

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Beginner Course Fee 2 Month Duration

Beginner Course Fee 1 Month Duration

What You Will Learn

Course Outline – Advanced Level

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Advanced Course Fee 4 Month Duration

Advanced Course Fee 2 Month Duration