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How To Make A Custom Wood Plaque Using A Stencil


Preparing the Wood

Take your piece of wood and prepare it by ensuring it is dry, sanded and smooth ready for staining or painting

Take your base colour and paint the surfaces of the wood with a light coat of your base colour.

One coat of paint allows the wood grain to show through and that can give a warm feel to the finished plaque.

If you like a more solid paint look then you just let the first coat dry and apply a second coat.

Now, take a 400 grit sandpaper and just gently sand the top of the wood to get a nice smooth surface. And if you want a little bit more rustic look you can distress the edges by sanding the edges a little more to remove more of the paint.

Apply The Stencil

On the Nairobi Business Courses Plaques Course you will learn how to make your own multiple use stencils, but you can also buy stencils online or in arts and crafts shops.

Watch the video at the bottom of this post to see how to use a one time only stencil

Once you have applied your stencil to the wood and exposed the artwork, you are now ready to paint the artwork.

And there you have your complete sign.


The last step in this process is to make the top smooth just take your sandpaper and lightly sand the painted artwork. Of course, the more you sand the more paint will be removed but it just makes that top surface really smooth. If you want to distress your edges you can take the sandpaper to the corners.

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Watch the Custom Plaque Video

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