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Creative writing can be analysed into a simple method which most people learn in school.

Writers stray away from this simple method and eventually writing becomes more difficult than it should be.

At Nairobi Business Courses we reintroduce the simple creative writing method

A creative writing course for Kenyan writers, marketers and content creators in Nairobi.

The course aims to help you find your inner voice and express it in an authentic and unique way that personifies your story.

Flexibility driven by your personality, not dogma, is the approach utilised.

Your fiction and non-fiction writing can be improved on this Nairobi Business Course

Creative writing is a critical business skill for all professions. 

Begin writing for personal and professional growth and self awareness.

Content writers are in great demand by Kenyan businesses which require constant output of top quality content for digital ecosystems. 

Freelancing as a writer is another avenue you can choose on completion of this course. They possibilities are endless

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Course Fee 4 Month Duration

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