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How To Shoot A Home Video Using A Smartphone

Tip 1

Before you lock down your shot and set up any gear, put your phone in selfie mode and get a feel for the room you’re shooting in

Shoot Great Home Video With A Smartphone

Walk around and see what the background is going to look like with you in the shot.

Set everything up right in the back and foregrounds. Make sure the background is not be too busy distracting your viewers from the content.

Tip 2

Get your equipment ready

You can start with your smartphone by just putting it on a pile of books using your on camera microphone. Yes its that simple but there’s a few pieces of gear that really level up your smartphone content.

First is a lighting kit

Second is a microphone and if you’ve got a dongle than the microphone just plugs right into your phone. Your audio will sound so much better with a mic

Thirdly and finally, a tripod and a smartphone mount

Tip 3

Lock down your shot now, but here’s a production problem.

Do you do the shoot in selfie mode or do you do the normal camera ?

The answer is do the normal camera. The reason you want to do this is because the normal camera on most phones is so much superior to the selfie camera

In this mode you can’t see yourself so do a test shot first where you click the button, sit down, say something so you can test your audio, check the background and make sure everything’s in frame and it looks great.

Tip 4

Lock in your video settings before you start to shoot.

Now most cameras on your phone will do 1080 p, which is great. Choose that setting but if you have the option for 4k, choose 4k.

Tip 5

Make the shoot and deliver your content

The first thing is to research what you want want your video to be about. Actually have a very clear idea about what the video is going to be about.

The second thing is to take the video content and I break it down into points. That helps you record the video better and allows your audience to follow along with the video all the way to the end.

Then press record. You will stumble and you have to stop and restart. You’re not going to get it right the first time. But just keep going.

Once all the footage is on the phone, it’s ready for the Edit but there’s one more step before that and that is creating a great thumbnail for youtube

This will be described in detail in a future post.

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