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5 Tips For Great Social Media Marketing

Tip 1

Pick the right social network.

Yes, there’s a lot of them. Whether it’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram or many others.

Get this. It’s up to you on which network you want to be on. You could be on all of them, but if you’re on all of them, you’re not going to spend enough time to make your profiles and accounts amazing.

The worst thing you can do is create a social media account and then become mediocre. It’s better to not be on the platforms than it is to do a poor job because doing a poor job will actively ruin your brand.

So you need to pick the right social network and the way you pick the social network for you is by looking at their specialty.

If you’re a business to business property (B2B) you might want to look at LinkedIn and/or Twitter.

If you’re in business to consumer (b2c) Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter can do really well.

So you’ve looked at your business model and paired it with the social media model. Next, you need to look at the content you create.

Are you someone who’s really good with videos ?

If so, you probably want to start with YouTube or LinkedIn.

If you’re going after older demographic Twitter is amazing. If you’re going after a younger demographic Instagram and Snapchat are where you should be.

Tip 2

Having picked your social media platform, the second thing you need to do is start creating content.

Creating content starts off with completing your account profile. You should complete everything from a username to an email address to images to a description of who you are, or details of your company.

Talk about the benefits that people are going to experience from following you, or subscribing to your page.

If you’re not sure what content to create, you need to check out your competition. You want to see what content is doing well for them. And what content is not working. That’ll give you ideas of what you should do more of in terms of creating content.

Tip 3

The next thing you need to do is build connections and networks.

Go and look for other people in your space and if they have questions respond to them and help them out.

If they have articles share them and if you think they’re valuable you can repost or reshare whatever it may be.

If there’s other people on these channel fan pages that are related to your industry, even if your competitors, and they’re asking questions respond to them, help them out. That’s how you build connections.

Even when you’re posting on your own page when someone responds with a question or a comment acknowledge that they’re there thank them for leaving a comment and respond when they have a question. That’s how you engage.

Over time what you’ll see is a lot of people will come back over to your site, they’ll follow you.

You’ll engage deeply with them and they’ll become a loyal followers.

Tip 4

Don’t go for follower count.

It’s all about having valuable engagement led connections. Under engaging fans and followers are not prized by the social media platform algorithms.

It is far better to have fewer but engaged followers rather than a big number of people who do not engage with your content.

It’s about having the most amount of engagement not merely follower numbers

Tip 5

Don’t push people to your business from day one. Within three months or six months by all means you can start talking about your business or mentioning it, try to get people over to your site and as customers, you can do simple things like just sharing a link, but you don’t want to do that from day one.

No one’s going to buy from you, until you build that relationship. So don’t promote your business, until three to six months.

If you’re doing advertising from day one, you can promote your business instantly. But if you’re trying to build up everything organically, you can’t promote your business from day one.

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