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4 Ideas For Amazing YouTube Intros

What is a YouTube Intro

Think of your YouTube content and video as a mini movie. The opening credits and scenes introduce your viewer to your channel.

An intro makes your videos look professional and they help build brand awareness when repeated and seen often. They keep your audience engaged.

Here are 4 tips to make intros for your channel ranging from the cheapest to most expensive but all with viewer engagement in mind.

Tip 1 – Use Your Logo

This is the simplest method. It involves creating a logo which you can then animate using various software to bring the static image to life.

You can add music, various backgrounds and effects to the clip and create an interesting few seconds of video to introduce your channel content.

Tip 2 – Outsourced Animation

In this method you can seek out freelancers to create an animated and original intro for your channel. Such digital design experts offer their services on many online sites including

Define what you want your intro to portray. Describe that vision to the designer who can often come up with ideas in a few days. The cost is affordable for good quality work.

This is perhaps the best high quality option for a new channel just starting off on the platform.

Tip 3 – In House Animation 1. The Template Route

If you have the technical skills and design ability you might want to do the work of creating an intro yourself. In this tip you find the pieces of the jigsaw such as templates, logo, colours, music and effects. Bring them together in your favourite piece of software.

You can then mix the material and create a highly unique and captivating intro for your channel.

Bearing in mind that an intro lasts for probably no more than 3 to 5 seconds this may take a lot of your time to create but the results will be unique to you and your brand.

One very slight problem with this method lies in the templates you might use. If you buy an intro video template, which you then modify, you may find another YouTube channel has also bought and modified the same template. This may reduce the unique brand you are trying to create.

Tip 4 – In House Animation 2. Ground Up Method

If the idea of using a template to base your video intro on is not appealing, you can create everything from the ground up.

This is more difficult and definitely takes time and effort to do well. So I would recommend learning some skills, watching some YouTube tutorials and if you’ve already got the skills just animate something from scratch.

This creates the most unique and visually interesting intros for capturing viewer interest on your YouTube Channel.

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